Why Aluminum Fencing Is A Great Option For Dog Owners

November 15, 2022
Aluminum Fencing
Aluminum Fencing

Dogs are considered to be a part of the family for almost every dog owner that’s why they care for their health and safety. What better way to take care of them than a fence for your dogs to keep them in the comfort of your home? Choosing the right fencing material can be hard given the different styles of fence such as vinyl fencing, picket fence, chain link fencing, and aluminum dog fence.

Why Choose Aluminum Fences?

Given the different fencing options, there is a type of fencing that stands out which makes us go back to the question, “Why aluminum fencing is a great option for dog owners?”. Aluminum fences for pets are sturdy and can go against bad weather. In comparison to a wood fence, they are equipped to resist strong winds.

Iron fences will also hinder your pets from digging under the bottom of the fence installed in the backyard with the help of your trusty fencing contractor. It can withstand the sharp teeth of your dogs whenever your fur friends feel like playing around. Finally, it is most preferred by residential homes but an aluminum commercial fence will surely add better security for your home.

Can My Dog Jump Higher Than An Aluminum Fence?

Aluminum fences can be set up as high as six feet whereas even a large dog such as a Great Dane will have a hard time going over a durable fence panel for they can only jump as high as 5 feet. But what about small dogs you ask? Here are more reasons why aluminum fencing is a great option for dog owners.

Can An Aluminum Fence Contain My Small Dog?

Every small dog owner knows that it’s harder to keep smaller dogs at home because they can easily squeeze their bodies through the gate or the garden. This is the job for the aluminum fence which includes a puppy panel which is also sometimes called puppy pickets, short pickets, or puppy pickets.

They are discretionary and can easily be affixed to your gates keeping your own small dogs in and neighbor small dogs out. However, these puppy panels can not be integrated with your existing fence for their design concept is very different.

Do You Know Why Your Fence Boards Warping?

A wood fence warps because of changes in moisture content and we all know that a warped fence is unusable. It is when a wooden fence dries faster than any of its other parts. The process is called equilibrium moisture content (EMC), fence boards warping occurs when high/low moisture is exposed to the board which causes it to shrink/expand until it reaches humidity with the air, thus causing boards warp.

It's good to know that there are types of wood that are resistant to warping, especially woods with a straight grain pattern like redwood, which consists of a natural chemical that helps prevent warping. A pressure-treated wood also preserves its life. There are multiple ways to prevent fence board warping, an example of which is wooden boards should be stacked according to their thickness.

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