Barbed Wire & Razor Wire Installation

Barbed Wire Installation | Los Angeles Fence Builders


Commercial properties are common to break-ins and may need more security than just tall fences. Some properties may be looking to add barbed wire or razor wire to the top of an existing fence or wall to ensure that potential thieves think twice about climbing a fence or scaling a wall. Barbed wire is an affordable add-on that keeps your property completely safe and secure.

Our wire is made from thick tension wire that is difficult to cut with most hand tools and extremely sharp. Los Angeles Fence Builders uses only top quality barbed wire and razor wire to ensure your high security facility is guarded at all times. We use extra caution during the installation process because we know just how powerful barbed wire and razor wire are. If you own a high security facility and are looking to repair, replace or install a new chain link fence with barbed wire or razor wire fill out the free estimate form on this page and we will schedule an onsite consultation before sending out an itemized quote for your project. Adding extra protection to your property is never a bad idea.

Barbed Wire Toppers

Installing barbed wire is something you want to leave to the professionals. We here at Los Angeles Fence Builders are skilled and experienced in installing barbed wire fencing for projects all over Los Angeles. Barbed Wire installation in Los Angeles is common and most often installed for security reasons. Keeping your business secure, and your warehouse protected is not just your concern, it’s our concern too. We install barbed wire to every project as if we were protecting our own business. Unfortunately theft often occurs before barbed wire is installed. Get one step a head of a potential break in and fill out a free estimate form to have barbed wire or razor wire installed around your business or property.

Razor Wire Toppers

Our Razor Wire Installation in Los Angeles is rated number one for a reason. We don’t cut corners during the installation process, which gives you an extremely secure property or facility. Razor Wire covers more space than barbed wire and make it more difficult to pass through. Our razor wire toppers are made with top quality coiled tension wire that is difficult to cut using hand tools. Both our barbed wire and razor wire toppers are typically installed on top of a new or existing chain link fencing or on a rooftop or wall. Having razor wire installed on top of your fence gives you the best chance to protect your business and investments.

Why Choose Los Angeles Fence Builders?


Our expert builders have years of experience building all kinds of fencing and gates in Los Angles. We take pride in being able to not only help clients build fences but being able to educate them on how to maintain their fence so it lasts a long time. Regardless if you decided on having us build your next fence project we guarantee that after we visit your project site you will leave knowing exactly what you need to accomplish your project. We leave no stone unturned.


The construction industry is notorious for no-shows and postponed deadlines. We understand that things happen, but we take our promises seriously and want you to know that you are our number one priority. Communication is a big deal, so whether you are a prospective client or a paying customer we make sure to communicate with you about the scheduling and your projects process. We take pride in our customer service and reliability. You can count on us to be on time and on schedule.


Our Crew builds fences as if they were building a fence for their own home. We see so many builders cut corners to get finish a project and collect a check. But what we care most about is that your fence or gate is installed right and will last you a long time. We don't believe in doing things the easy way, we believe in doing things the right way. We only use top quality materials to ensure the fence we install will last for years to come. If you are still on the fence about building your project, give us a call or fill out a form to talk to one of our experts who can answer any question you might have. We are here to help not to sell.
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