Los Angeles Fence Builders has installed hundreds of automatic electric motors all over Los Angeles Ca, for both residential driveway gates and commercial driveway gates. We are experts in in gate opener installation and helping you configure the best way to add and place your driveway gate. Adding a motor to your gate can save you time and the struggle of getting out of your car both entering and exiting your gate. We install sensor activated, remote controlled and keypad entry. This gives you the option for public, private or authorized use of your gate. We can also install a video keypad entry so you can see you is requesting access to your gate. This is most convenient for long driveways in private homes or high end living facilities.

Automatic Gate Opener Installation In Los Angeles

We use LiftMaster gate openers and driveway gate motors for all of our gate motor installations (unless specifically requested) because LiftMaster is the leading manufacture of driveway gate openers. LiftMaster is known worldwide for gate opener standards for excellence and quality. We know our clients deserve not just the best installations but the best quality motor to insure that it will last for a long time. Our gate openers offer you safety, security and convenience at an affordable cost. LiftMaster also comes with a 5 year commercial warranty and a 7 year residential warranty. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to fork over thousands of dollars to replace or repair your motor. We also offer solar powered options with can give you a 30% tax credit. The remote range is twice as long as standard remotes so you don’t have to wait at the gate when entering or exiting your property or business. When it comes to automatic gate openers you want a reliable motor with and experienced installation. No questions asked, we provide quality installation every time.

Keypad & Remote Entry

Keypad and remote control entries make your life much easier. Keypad entry allows even visitors without a remote to access entry to your property with the access of your code. Remotes allow you to open your gate before arriving to it so you don’t have to stop and wait during the opening process. These features are great to have an make life that much easier. 2 Remotes come standard for any automatic gate opener we install, both residential and commercial. Keypad entry installation is not included but a small fee for the convenience and ease if offers to you and your guests/employees. If you are interested in having a gate installed give us a call or fill out a free estimate form at the bottom of this page.
Sliding Driveway Gate

Why Choose Los Angeles Fence Builders?


Our expert builders have years of experience building all kinds of fencing and gates in Los Angles. We take pride in being able to not only help clients build fences but being able to educate them on how to maintain their fence so it lasts a long time. Regardless if you decided on having us build your next fence project we guarantee that after we visit your project site you will leave knowing exactly what you need to accomplish your project. We leave no stone unturned.


The construction industry is notorious for no-shows and postponed deadlines. We understand that things happen, but we take our promises seriously and want you to know that you are our number one priority. Communication is a big deal, so whether you are a prospective client or a paying customer we make sure to communicate with you about the scheduling and your projects process. We take pride in our customer service and reliability. You can count on us to be on time and on schedule.


Our Crew builds fences as if they were building a fence for their own home. We see so many builders cut corners to get finish a project and collect a check. But what we care most about is that your fence or gate is installed right and will last you a long time. We don't believe in doing things the easy way, we believe in doing things the right way. We only use top quality materials to ensure the fence we install will last for years to come. If you are still on the fence about building your project, give us a call or fill out a form to talk to one of our experts who can answer any question you might have. We are here to help not to sell.
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