What Kind of Fence to Install When You Have a Dog?

March 16, 2018
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While this post is mostly about your dogs, it’s a question we get a lot so we thought we could address it in a new blog post. “What is the best fence for a dog? and how do I stop my dog from barking so much?” Even though we are not dog trainers by any stretch, we do know fences and one of the main reason people get fences is because they just got a dog. We have become the unofficial experts in best practices and what the best type of fencing is for a dog. 

Privacy! Privacy is the best way to go with keeping your dog calm and happy! While the main goal for most fence buyers with pets is to keep them in the yard it is also important for them to want to stay in the yard. Ignorance is bliss! If you have a fence where they can still see your neighbors dog or child or squirrels they may get excited and even worse frustrated. Frustration comes from seeing and smelling but not being able to chase or smell . The last thing you want is for a dog to be thinking up ways to sneak out! 

Height is important. Making sure you have built a heigh enough fence so if your dog does get frustrated it won’t be able to leap over the fence. Many times we have had to come back to install a fence topper because the dog has grown and is now able to vault over the fence. 

Another thing to think about is landscaping. Is your landscape situated in such a way that your pet won’t be able to sneak out? Don’t leave object that can be used as a stepping stone to get over or get our near your fence. Dogs will think up just about anything. 

Last thing is make sure your dog is getting enough exercise outside of the backyard! Perhaps taking them on walks or runs at the park to get out extra energy before letting them roam the back yard. 

We hope this helped you with your fencing decisions as it relates to your fluffy friends! 

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