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Venice CA’s Best Horizontal Fence Contractor
Most Venice homeowners decide to have a new fence or gate installed to increase the value of their property. The median price of a single family home in Venice is $1,875,300 according to Zillow as of January 2019.
We are Los Angeles Fence Builders. Your expert fence contractor in Venice, Ca. When it comes to fencing, Venice is know for its sleek horizontal wood fences and gates. This look is traditional to beach homes and the laidback feel the Venice Beach offers. We are some of the top horizontal fence contractors in Venice Beach. We are the fence and gate building experts for and only use quality material for every project in Venice Ca. Our project managers have over 20 years of fence building experience and all our crew members have at least 10 years experience. We are highly trained and know exactly how to build you a long lasting fence or gate.
Top Fencing and Gates Company in Venice CA
We are so proud to be the top fencing and gates company serving Venice Ca. Our crews are extremely professional and we work together with homeowners and business owners to help build your outdoor vision. Horizontal fencing is the most popular fence in Venice Ca and we are absolute experts in installing it. When done wrong boards will twist and warp, but when you have the proper framework your fence will be straight for a lifetime. Even with the ocean breeze our fences last a very long time because they were built right from the beginning. We use top grade clear redwood, which is termite resistant and holds up extremely well to all kinds of weather. This wood is knot free and comes with a smooth surface, great for staining with semi transparent or solid stain. We also use top grade cedar, as well as IPE wood which is a hardwood similar to mahogany. This wood is great against termites as it is difficult to penetrate and rot.
Best Driveway Gate Installation in Venice CA
Along with great horizontal fencing we also design, build and install horizontal driveway gates. Driveway gates in Venice provide you with security and privacy from wondering tourists and the occasional loose screw (if you know what we mean). Our driveway gates either come manual or with an automatic motor attached. Adding an automatic opener to your gate makes your gate extremely convenient and easy to use. Getting out of the car every time to open and close can be a hassle, especially if you are running late. We only us LiftMaster motors (unless you specifically request another brand) because LiftMasters are the industry standard for excellent gate motors and they all come with a 3 year warranty so that you can have the peace of mind that your motor will last you many years. Venice is a busy little town with a lot of foot traffic and having that extra privacy and security for your property makes a world of difference.
Fence Company in Venice Beach, Ca
Living close to the beach means you want to be able to enjoy the views that a beach town has to offer and adding a fence might restrict some of those views. We know that. So we do our best to preserve those views, while at the same time adding the privacy and the extra layer of security you need. Horizontal fencing gives you the option of keeping some of those views while not letting everyone see in. We know that the installation process can be worrisome and we do everything we can to make it easy and painless. Our crew arrives on time and works diligently to get the project done on time. We do our best to respect your neighbors and overall noise levels. We know construction crews are notorious for leaving the job site a mess, but we pride ourselves in our cleanliness. We leave each job cleaner than when we arrived.
Durable Fence Installation In Venice Ca
The thing we pride ourselves on the most is having the most durable fence and gates around. Our clients love that their fences stand straight years after we’ve built them. Our crews don’t cut corners when building your fence and build it as if they were building a fence for their home. We don’t compromise the integrity of you fence or gate because we set the bar for fence contractors in Los Angeles, California. If you are interested in getting a free estimate please fill out a free estimate form on this page and we will call to set up an in-person consultation to view your project and send out an itemized estimate.
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