Benefits of a Sliding Driveway Gate In Los Angeles

August 14, 2020
Sliding Driveway Gate

Sliding Driveway Gate. The driveway to a property is an important part of the overall design of a house or business. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use. When selecting the ideal type of gate, we often seek one that provides structural strength against wind and burglary.

Sliding Driveway Gate

For enhanced security, a gate that compliments the size and the slope of our driveways. Also, one that is fairly easy to open and close. To use a swinging door on a sharply inclined ground level of a driveway means the user has to work against gravity when opening or closing the gate. A good gate should also positively blends with the overall visual appeal of landscaping in our property.

In this article, we seek to establish what instances would require the homeowner to install a sliding gate.

Sliding Gate Requires Less Space

To open or close a sliding driveway gate requires only space along with the linear frame or track of the gate. In contrast, a swinging door will need to cover a wider area. This is equal to a quarter of a circle where the length of the gate is the radius of the quadrant. The longer the gate the more the space required to swing the gate when opening or closing.

In instances where the land is to be utilized economically, installing a sliding gate instead will save on overall space. Besides, sliding driveway gates are also befitting where the driveway gap is quite large. This is also because a sliding driveway gate does not swing or hang on its weight when opening or closing. Rather, the gate moves along wheels fitted within the sliding tracks.

Sliding Driveway Gates Are Easy to Operate

The space required by a swinging gate to open is directly related to the time taken to open the gate. The longer the distance covered by the swinging of the gate the more to the time taken to open the gate.

Ease in use is one of the eye-catching features of a sliding gate simply because it has been designed to open with great ease. Also, with minimal spatial requirements.

This feature has enabled automation of the sliding door using mobile-control options that include GSM intercom. An innovative technology designed to help the user to open and close the gate with even greater ease and without compromising the safety and security of your home.

Suitable Driveways with a Sloping Gradient

The most prominent feature of all real estate is that it is heterogeneous in nature; all real estate is different from any other in terms of topography among other features such as location. Properties in different localities will slope differently in various sections of the property of which driveways are just but a section.

Imagine opening and closing a swing gate where the driveway is slanted whether from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside of the property. In both cases, the operation of the swing gate is not that easy because, at some point, the user of the gate will have to work against the force of gravity. If you think about it, it is quite similar to moving a load up a hill.

With sliding gates, the weight in opening the gate does not rest on the user but rather on rolling wheels set on sliding tracks making it easy to open and close the gate.

Suitable for Windy Beach Cities

By operation, a swing gate might also work against wind forces depending on wind direction. For a gate, the surface of the gate acts as a resistance to air/wind current. If a storm is blowing inwards, it becomes heavier to close the gate. The opposite is also quite true

In contrast, a sliding door opens by sliding inwards along the walling and with every slide inside a pocket in a wall. Using less surface area of the gate is exposed to wind forces and wind simply flows through the drive-way gap.

Improve Visual Appeal of the Property By Adding A Sliding Driveway Gate

A sliding gate can be automated with control systems that are inventive and has the effect of improving the appearance and increasing the value of the property as well.

A sliding driveway gate looks pretty well and modern from both sides of the driveway; from the inside and external of the property.

Sliding Gates Have Potential Customization to Offer Added Security and Privacy

Sliding doors can be modified with automatic controls that may include video intercoms. Video intercoms are part of a video installation system that brings about communication between the point of entrance to a compound (at the gate) and the internal confines of the house. Therefore, a homeowner can grant or deny access to the property. This is simply by relying on video technology. Without having to leave the comfort of their house

When we automate gate operations, we not only improve home privacy and but also contribute to more security against home theft and illegal access.

Sliding Driveway Gate Will Reduced Damage at the Bottom Frame of the Gate

Sliding doors are mounted on some form of wheels that are also set to turn along gate tracks. The use of wheels reduces friction and avoids unnecessary abrasive forces on the lower frame of the gate that could be brought by a rough and patchy ground on the driveway.

With swinging doors, the lower frame often comes into contact with hard rocks or the abrasive topsoil content which will only increase the rate of wear and tear of the swinging gate. The lower frame will slowly lose structural strength as will require periodic repainting as part of maintenance planning.

A sliding driveway gate might have higher customization costs and have more moving parts than the swinging gate. However, the instances where the sliding gate is ideal for use over the swinging gate are higher. A sliding gate also has the benefit of ease of use and will fit in many Los Angeles style homes. That is where land values are high and space must be economically used.

Despite the possible complex design of a sliding door, we find there is a lot of vital value that can be realized from an automated gate over the conventional swinging gate.

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