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Homeowners all over Santa Monica agree, having a new fence installed will increase the value of your home. The median price of a single family home in Santa Monica is $1,756,100 according to Zillow as of January 2019.
We absolutely love serving the city of Santa Monica. Being such an iconic landmark city in Southern California we are proud to build in it. Los Angeles Fence Builders uses only quality, long lasting material so that your fence or gate will stand straight even with the hot summer sun and the salty sea breezes. We are the top fence company in Santa Monica because our builders are experts in the fencing industry. We spend quality time viewing your project during every onsite consultation. We take the proper measurements and answering any questions you have about your project.
Top Driveway Gates Contractor is Santa Monica CA
We install some of the best driveway gates in Santa Monica because we pay attention to the details. Our gates can be installed with either a wood frame or a steel frame. We highly recommend steel frames for any driveway gates and most entry gates. With wood frame you can run the risk of having your wood frame swell depending on the weather. This can cause your driveway gate or entry gate to stick and not open or close properly. This is a frustrating problem to have and can develop in gates as new as 3 months. With steel frame gates you are sure to have precise openings and closings each time, no matter the weather. While the steel frame is a little more in cost, it is well worth not having the headache of a sticking or stuck gate.

Our driveway gates are also custom to any driveway opening. We take specified measurements to that when we install it fits perfectly. We also have a wide variety of driveway gate options, including wrought iron, horizontal and vertical wood boards, vinyl and chain link. In all our options we offer automatic driveway gate openers as an optional add on. All our motors have a 3 year warranty and come with 2 remotes. This gives you the convenience of being able to open your driveway gate from your car to save you time.
Best Custom Fence Contractor In Santa Monica CA
Here at Los Angeles Fence Builders we do everything from simple standard fences and gate to ultra custom fencing projects. We love being able to help clients build specific visions for their fencing and gate needs. Some of our favorite projects come from our custom fencing clients in Santa Monica. Custom fencing includes alternating horizontal fence patterns, horizontal fence, unique fence patterns, specialty woods, custom driveway gate design or measurements. No matter your vision we can make it come to life. Fill out a free estimate form on this page and we will contact you to schedule a free in-person consultation along with a free itemized estimate.
Top Santa Monica Fence Company
We have been building fences and gates in Santa Monica for the past 10 years. We love being able to show our wide skill set by installing more than just wood fences. We help home owners and businesses build everything from chain link and wrought iron, to horizontal wood fencing and vinyl fences. Our clients love us because we always exceed expectations. We show up on time, explain the process, and answer any questions they have about their fence project. We are staffed with fence installation experts who have years of experience and understand the best why to build your vision. We know city code and regulations along with being creative to use the most with the space you have. Santa Monica is a great place to call home and we want to make you feel safe and secure in that home. We offer affordable pricing using top quality materials with amazing service and even better craftsmanship. We are unlike any other Santa Monica Fence Company and will gladly show you the difference we provide. If you have a specific question about your project give our fence expert a call, he is more than happy to help.
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