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Most Malibu homeowners decide to have a new fence or gate installed to increase the value of their property. The median price of a single family home in Malibu is $2,968,400 according to Zillow as of August 2018.
We are the best Fence Contractor in Malibu CA. We offer the most affordable prices in Malibu, Ca. We build premium fencing and gate options for both residential and commercial clients. With hundreds of styles and options to choose from we give you the options to build the exact fence or gate you need. Chain Link add-ons are not the only way to create the style of fence you want. Adding trim to wood fencing helps give a vertical fence additional style and can be more visually pleasing.
The Best Custom Fence & Gate Contractor In Malibu CA
Los Angeles Fence Builders provides top quality custom fencing and gate designs as well as installations. Malibu is known for its amazing views and luscious landscapes, and as fence contractors we try to do everything we can to preserve these views and ensure quality, long lasting fences, gates and railing for you and your property. We make sure no detail is left unfinished for your project. One thing we do that not many other fence companies do is the clean up. Along with custom fence installations we pride ourselves in the quality of cleaning up after everything is done. It’s one thing to have a new fence but if you have to clean up after a crew, that’s just wrong. Our service comes with a trustworthy knowledgable crew members that leave your home cleaner than when they arrived.
Malibu CA’s Best Value for Quality Fencing and Gates
We are the top fences and gates company in Malibu. One of those reasons is because we listen to our client and build exactly what they are looking for. Beyond creating custom fences and gates we are known for being the best value for quality materials and quality service. We use both common and clear redwood, cedar, IPE and composite materials. Most residential homes in Malibu choose to use wood for their fences. There are several fence companies that choose not to do projects in Malibu because of the steep terrain and difficulty it can cause during the installation process, however we are comfortable with any terrain and can build a fence on just about any terrain type.
Custom Malibu Driveway Gate Installation
Privacy in Malibu is a top concern for most homeowners, and we get that. While building a gate for your home is not an easy decision, we give you all the options to choose from as well as viewing your specific home to see what the best layout would be. We install many styles of driveway gates such as, single swing driveway gate, double swing driveway gate and sliding driveway gate. Each style offers a different advantage to the specific layout and space of each home and driveway. Our expert fence and gate installers can discuss the best options for you during a free onsite consultation. Just fill out a free form on this page or give us a call to schedule. We install both wood frame and steel frame gates as well as giving the option to add an automatic gate opener to your driveway gate. Each automatic opener includes 2 remotes as well as a 3 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about repair or replacing it. We only use quality opener to give you long lasting security for each gate we install.
Property Line Fencing in Malibu Ca
We specialize in chain link fence installation in Malibu to create clear property lines for larger properties. We install both galvanized chain link and black vinyl coated chain link. Black vinyl coated chain link is a very popular choice as it tends to blend into the scenery a little better than galvanized. It also holds up to weather great as the vinyl coating protects the chain link and gives it a clean look. While barbed wire and razor wire are not authorized for residential properties, we can install coyote rollers on top of any fence to prevent coyotes from jumping your fence and entering your property. We also offer snake wire installation for those living in parts of Malibu that have snakes. Snake wire is a fine mesh material that we install 1 foot in depth and 3 feet tall at the foot of your chain link fence to prevent snakes from being able to enter you property. While this does not guarantee a snake free property, it lowers the chase of a snake sighting by a lot. We have seen an increase of snake wire installation in the past 5 years and have not heard any complaints.
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