How Tall Can I Build My Fence?

Los Angeles Fence Builders Vertical Fence.jpeg

We get asked all the time, “How tall can I build my fence?”. For many, it is a matter of blocking an eyesore or being a noise barrier, so height matters.

In 1987 Los Angeles increased the legal fence height to 8 feet tall. This was a big deal and the law still holds today. Something to keep in mind, that you cant just build an 8 foot fence anywhere on your property. This applies to your backyard only. In some areas you can build up to 8 feet on your side yard but in most areas it is still 6ft.

So how tall can I build in my front yard? In your front yard you can build up to 42 inches. If you are looking to build beyond 42 inches for privacy reasons you can get it permitted or get creative and plant hedges. A loophole to this law (only in some areas) is building beyond 42 inches must be 50% visibility. This could mean adding a lattice or a design that provides 50% visibility.

Always double check with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. (213) 473-3231

Matthew Vidovich