How Does The Fence Building Process Work?

October 2, 2018
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For many clients, this is their first time building a fence, or even reaching out to a fence contractor. This process can be scary and seem like a daunting chore. Let us walk you through the fence installation process so this won’t be scary!

Step 1: Call a Los Angeles Fence Contractor Near You! Typically they ask you for basic information so they make sure you are in their service area and they do the kind of work you are looking to have done. Then they will put you in their system and schedule a time time view your project in person. (Make sure you call around so you can compare prices and you can feel out how comfortable you feel with each contractor.)

Step 2: Next you will meet them on your home or business property at the agreed time to show them exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you give the contractor they style and design you are looking for. Make sure they take measurements for the project.

Step 3: Then, after a few days you should receive an estimate! Carefully review the details of each estimate and compare pricing along with materials being used. Some prices may vary drastically. If the materials aren’t specifically labeled on the estimate, this could be a red flag.

Step 4: Once you have decide on which local fence contractor you’d like to build your project, they will ask you for a deposit to put your project on their calendar. The average waiting time is between 1-3 weeks.

Step 5: Once the project begins depending on the size of the project the building process should take anywhere from 3 days- 2 weeks. Again, this depends on the size of your project. This is based off of residential estimates.

Step 6: After the project is complete be sure to schedule a final walk through with the contractor to point out any areas that need to be touched up or altered. Then after the fixes have been made the final payment can be made.

Be sure to get updated invoices through out the project noting your payments. If there are any warrantees be sure to get them all in writing.

Beyond that you should have a sturdy long lasting fence that will give you privacy and keep in all your furry friends!

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