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Most Hollywood homeowners decide to have a new fence or gate installed to boost the value of their homes. The median price of a single family home in Hollywood is $834,800 according to Zillow as of September 2018.
Hollywood is such and iconic city, which is one reason we love building fences and gates in it. Every now and again we will run in to a celebrity, but the truth is, we are excited to work with all our clients, just like a celebrity. Working in the Hollywood hills is not easy, especially if you are a fence company. There are fence companies in Los Angeles that don’t service Hollywood because of the steep terrain which makes it difficult to build on, however we thrive in Hollywood. If a company says they can’t do it, give us a call. We build a wide variety of fencing styles and designs for Hollywood homeowners. Some homeowners want us to build a new modern horizontal wood fence, while others want us to construct a black vinyl coated chain link fence to run along their property line.
Hollywood CA’s Top Driveway Gate Installations
Driveway gates provide privacy, which is one of the leading reasons people in Hollywood want to have them installed. Curious tourist like to peak over walls and catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. But celebrity or not, privacy is important to anyone. Our driveway gates are not just installed to give you privacy but to also make like more convenient. Having and automatic motor for your driveway gate allows you the easy of never having to leave your car to push open a heavy gate ever again. Most importantly, we focus on building a durable long lasting driveway gate. We know driveway gates get used multiple times everyday, so having one that lasts is extremely important. Along with quality installations from yours truly, use liftMaster motors to ensure quality and durability. These motors also come with a 3 year manufacture warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that your motor won’t malfunction only a few years in.
How Tall Can You Build Your Fence In Hollywood?
Since we are on the topic of privacy, a question we get asked a lot is “How tall can I build my fence?” And the answer is, “It depends”. For the front portion of your home, most code is 42”. On the side and back of your home you can build as high as 8'. On special occasions the city will permit you to build higher if there are privacy concerns. Depending on the area you live in they will allow what is called a 50% visibility rule. This means that anything taller than the height restriction can be added so long as there is a 50% visibility. Many times people use this as an opportunity to install a lattice with gaps in it or plant shrubs to provide privacy. For a more comprehensive outline about height restrictions in Los Angeles visit the link provided, where our friends over at Turner Law Firm will go into detail about what is allowed and what isn’t.
Horizontal Wood Fence Installation in Hollywood
Horizontal Fences is not just a fading fad anymore. We can officially say horizontal fencing is here to stay. Horizontal fencing has taken Los Angeles by storm and it’s no surprise here. We have seen an increasingly high interest in horizontal fencing for the past 10 years. One reason we are seeing such a spike in popularity is simply because how sleek and clean it looks. Horizontal lines compliment any modern (or not) home and backyard. Horizontal fencing is the shiplap of the fence installation world. And quite frankly, for the same reason shiplap is so appealing, horizontal fencing is too. Smooth, clean lines help create a modern look and having a standard vertical fence takes away from that modern vibe. When installing we like to use clear redwood, for a few reasons. For starters, clear redwood is clean and comes without knots. Another reason is because redwood is a natural deterrent of termites. (Yea, I know, pretty cool). If you are interested in having a top quality horizontal fence installed in your yard, fill out the form on this page and we will come out, in person and view your project and send over a free.
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