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Eagle Rock residents agree that deciding to get a new fence or gate installed can increase the value of your property. The median price of a single family home in Eagle Rock is $876,900 according to Zillow as of March 2019.
It’s not surprising that Eagle Rock is home to many buildings linked to the film industry. Nestled between Pasadena and Glendale, Eagle Rock is located in the Northeast region of Los Angeles and is home to over 34,000 residents. Eagle Rock is also home to Occidental College, which was established in 1887. There are a wide variety of Homes in Eagle Rock that display diverse architectural styles including, Art Deco, Georgian, Craftsman and Mission Revival. Building the right fence and gate for these style of homes makes them stand out and look amazing. We love working with clients looking to add beauty to their home or business. We can help provide not just security and privacy to a yard but also something that adds value to your home and property.
Eagle Rock CA’s Best Chain Link Installation
Vinyl coated chain link fences are on the rise and offer customers a lower budget fencing option as well as something that will look good and last long. Black vinyl coated chain link is a great way to divide yards or draw property lines in a discrete way. The black vinyl coating gives protection to the steel chain link and prevents it from rusting or corroding, ultimately giving you a longer lasting and better looking fence. We have seen a spike in installation of these kinds of fences for both residential and commercial properties. Along with being affordable fence installation options, chain link is also quick to put up as there is very little work needed after the posts are installed. Vinyl coating comes in many different colors such as, black, grey, green, blue and tan.

There are also additional add-ons that can be installed onto the chain link to give you privacy. The two options are windscreen and privacy slats. Windscreen is a vinyl mesh that comes in different percentages of privacy, from 50% privacy to 100% privacy. Privacy slats are vertical slats that can be weaved into the chain link fence that lock at the bottom so they won’t fall out. This option gives you 88% privacy.
The Best Fencing And Gates Company In Eagle Rock
We love servicing the Eagle Rock area and helping both the amazing residents and outstanding business owners that need fencing and gates. Our top notch staff and crew excel with helping residents build fencing and gate installation in Eagle Rock. We love being able to serve a community of such diverse individuals who have been a part of the community for a long time. Our commitment to each client is remarkably high and our fence building standards are the same. Each team of builders is committed to delivering our clients with hands down the best fence and building experience.

We know the construction industry is notorious for sloppy work and working on their own timeline. But we here at Los Angeles Fence Builders pride ourselves in smashing that stereotype and delivering quality work on time. We also know that it’s important for us to respect noise levels as much as we can. We understand that loud noises all day can be quite irritating or distracting, so we do our best to use our power tools only when we need to and keep in mind the time of day when using them. Our crews are considerate, polite and friendly so don’t be shy, say “hi”.
Eagle Rock CA Top Driveway Gate Installation
We know adding a driveway gate can be tricky. Which way should it swing? How should it look? Do we want to add a motor? We understand that there are a lot of questions about driveway gates and we can help you answer them. We know not every house has a perfectly flat driveway to make a swing or sliding gate easy to operate, but we have the talent and know-how to install a driveway gate on just about any kind of driveway. We always use steel frame for any driveway gate we install. This is the best option for long-term success.

Driveway Gate installation in Eagle Rock is no problem for us because we offer a wide variety of gate options. Sliding, Single Swing and Double Swing are typically your go-to driveway gates. We offer these gates in many different styles including horizontal and vertical wood designs. We also are able to install a motor to make your driveway gate automatic so that you can open and close with a simple click of a button. If you are interested in getting a fence or gate installed at your home or business, fill out the online form at the top of this page and we will schedule an onsite appointment to see your project.
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