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Chatsworth homeowners are in agreement that having a new fence or gate installed can increase the value of your house. The median price of a single family home in Chatsworth is $630,700 according to Zillow as of March 2019.
Chatsworth has over 37,000 residents and that number is growing. Chatsworth has a rich history and is home to Native American rock art, as well as local parks such as, Sage Ranch Park. If you live in Chatsworth Ca, then you already know that it get’s very hot in the summer time, reaching temperatures of 90-100 degrees. This kind of weather can take a toll on wood fences and gates. That’s why we make sure during the fence installation process we don’t skip any detail or cut any corners. Making sure your fence is securely built is our number one priority. We build each fence as if we were installing it at our own home.

Being on the same page with our clients about their project is another important factor when we do fence and gate installation in Chatsworth, Ca. For many fence companies, there are no explanation of design or specific details, rather broad details and a price. We believe that each client should know exactly what is being installed before any ground is broken. (duh!) Getting down to specifics is one area we stand out in. Being specific with the design, details and pricing makes everyone feel comfortable about the installation process.
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We fully understand that having construction being done in or around your home is extremely stressful and aim to make the process as easy an humanly possible. All of our building crew members are extremely skilled and talented at what they do, but what makes us different is we respect the space we work in. Being clean and not making a mess is part of our promise to all our clients. We respect noise levels and try our best to be aware of the time before starting up our power saw. Getting a little loud and a little messy is bound to happen but we aim to keep things as tidy as possible and do our work in a way that does not disrupt you or your surrounding neighbors.

While being clean and reasonably quite is nice, ultimately we want to provide you with the best valued fence in Los Angeles. Period. We purchase our wood from lumber yards that source from quality controlled lumber mills. Beyond this our crew inspects all materials prior to installation to make sure we are using only the best materials possible. This quality check is for all our materials used, including our metals and vinyls. Checking for cracks or stress areas is an everyday standard check we do to make sure your fence is built to last. Besides checking for quality, we also price our projects out fairly and competitively, so that you are getting the most for your money. We know fence installation in Los Angeles is not cheap and pride ourselves in being the top fencing and gates company in Chatsworth to focus on value
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Aside from fence installations, we specialize in driveway gate installations in Chatsworth Ca. Our amazing team of professional welders can fabricate just about any driveway gate design you can think of. We design, build and install swing gates, double swing gates and sliding driveway gates. While we do install wood frame gates, we highly recommend having all your gates fabricated with steel framework. No matter the kind a weather you live in, wood is going to expand and swell over time. It warps and bends, and while it is fine for using on fence posts, using wood framework for a moving gate is a bad idea. Sometimes only months after installation a gate can start to stick or not work altogether. Using steel framework for entry gates and driveway gates is the best way to insure you will have a long lasting, fully functioning gate. Beyond having secure framing on all our gate systems, we provide a wide variety of design options for gates, including vertical and horizontal board designs as well as custom designs. We also offer additions to driveway gates, such as adding an automatic motor to make your driveway gate more convenient to you and to guests. Each motor comes with 2 remotes you can place inside your car so you can open the gate well before arriving.
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