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Most Calabasas homeowners are in agreement, that having a new fence or gate installed will increase the value of your property. The median price of a single family home in Calabasas is $1,155,600 according to Zillow as of March 2019.
Calabasas is nestled between Malibu and Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, CA and is home to Brandon’s Village and the Malibu Hindu Temple.

It is believed that Calabasas is named after the Spanish word for pumpkin and each year in October the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce celebrates with having a pumpkin festival. Calabasas is a beautiful community and a perfect place to raise a family or start a business. Calabasas has just over 23,000 residents as of the latest US census report. Which means there are plenty of fences and gates that are in need of being built or replaced. We love serving the community and city of Calabasas and offer free estimates and onsite consultations to any homeowner of business owner. During the onsite consultation our project managers will take accurate measurements of your project and ask you what your vision is for your yard. We are more than equip to answer any question you might have about fencing, gates or the installation process in general. Each team member is a highly skilled and trained professional builder, so you always know you are in good hands. Each one of our project managers has a minimum of 20 years of fence building experience.
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Beyond having highly skilled team members and expert project managers we pride ourselves in never cutting corners. We believe that doing things the right way saves a lot of time and headache for both us, the builder, and you, the client. Measure twice, cut once is a phrase for a reason and we believe that being precise in every aspect of the project is important for a flawless installation and a long lasting fence or gate. We also aim to be on the same page with our clients during every step of the project, from our consultation to completion day.

One area that takes special attention to detail is anytime we are installing a driveway gate. Driveway gates are a moving piece that often times sees heavy usage over its lifespan, so we want to make sure that when we install it, it is installed properly. If the installation process is done incorrectly it can lead to a sticking gate, or a gate that doesn’t work altogether. We have heard many horror stories of people buying from the cheapest estimate and months later their gate is falling apart or wont open. While we may not be the cheapest quote we will be the best value and install nothing but top quality for your driveway gate. No matter if you decide on a fancy automatic gate or a simple manual swing gate, we build each gate to last for years to come.
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Our fences and gates are built using the best quality redwood and cedar in Southern California. We use locally sourced materials and pick up all our lumber from a local lumberyard, not a big box store. When building a wood fence we use pressure treated posts and framework to keep the structure of your fence secure and strong against wet rain, or sprinklers and the hot heat of the summer sun. This treatment also protects against insects like termites that like to breakdown the wood overtime. We like to use redwood because redwood naturally repeals against termites. This gives your fence a lifespan twice as long as a non-redwood fence. We believe in using top quality materials because we want the communities we serve, like Calabasas, to have long lasting fences and gates. This is one of the reasons we are known to have the best fence and gates installations in Calabasas, CA. To anyone looking to get a free quote for a fence or gate in Calabasas, fill out our free estimate form on the top of this page. After submitting we will give you a call to coordinate an onsite consultation and and then send over an itemized estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.
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