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Burbank homeowners say adding new fence or gate can increase the value of your property, and we tend to agree. The median price of a single family home in Burbank is $797,500 according to Zillow as of April 2019.
Burbank has a population just over 103,000 people and is home to many entertainment studios such as, Disney, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. It is named the “Media Capital of the World”, and for good reasons too. Property crime in Burbank saw a slight rise by less than 2% in 2018, which increased the amount of fencing and gates we installed that year. One of the top concerns that homeowners have when they call us is protecting the property and their overall safety. We take that concern seriously here at Los Angeles Fence Builders and make sure to build a secure fence or gate for any property.
Burbank CA’s Best Fence Contractor
Burbank is a great area to live and we love working in it. Our clients are nothing but pleasant. One reason we are known as the best fence company in Burbank is due to our commitment to each and every client. We set a high standard for building secure fencing and gates, and we don’t stray away from that standard. Many fence companies cut corners and build just to collect a check, but we make sure your fence is build properly so that years from now your won’t to worry about it falling apart. Our project managers and crew member are all fence building professionals and have years of experience and knowledge. Do not be shy, you can ask them any question about your project and they will be able to give you expert answers.
Burbank CA’s Top Custom Fencing Company
When it comes to building fencing and gates, we do more than just your standard fence projects. We handle large commercial projects as well as simple residential projects. But one thing we specialize in are custom fencing and gate installations. We have created some very exciting horizontal wood fences in Burbank that really show off the flashier side to our skillset. Horizontal Fences are not all built equally. We make sure you are getting quality wood and screws for your fence. Using the wrong wood can cause your fence to warp and bow making those clean lines that you like so much about the horizontal look to curve and become real eyesores. Some companies even use nails instead of screws which cause movement in your fence and can even pop out over a short amount of time. Properly building your fence is extremely important to us. We build fences to look great years after we’ve installed them.
Building Fences in Burbank Ca
One of our favorite parts about building fences and gates in Burbank is building in the Rancho Equestrian neighborhood and community. This neighborhood is zoned for allowing horses on residents property. Littered with horse trails and stables Rancho Equestrian is the perfect place for horse lovers. We love being able to take a break and watch the horse, after all, it’s not everyday you get to see horses in a neighborhood in Southern California. We have built several ranch style fences to secure horses in existing stables as well as helping owners build new ones. We recently installed a chain link fence in the Magnolia Park area. Magnolia Park is filled with unique antique shops and recently converted the rail road into a bike path connecting the downtown metro-station in Burbank the North Hollywood’s Red Line subway. Helping install chain link fence on this project was great and we were just a small group of people who came out to help the community.
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