Building Fences In Culver City, Ca

December 26, 2019

The Process Of Building A New Fence In Culver City, Ca

A lot of people don't know much about the process of building a fence. If you're not familiar with what it takes to build a fence, you don't have to worry. Below, you'll find the steps that we follow when we build a new fence for one of our customers in Culver City, Ca.

We'll Find The Fence Line

Before we can install your new fence, we'll have to determine where your fence line is. We need to make sure that the fence is installed on your property. We'll show a lot of caution during this process and make sure that there aren't any issues. We'll make sure that your fence is right on the edge of your property line.

We'll Clear The Fence Line

Once we've identified the fence line, we'll get to work clearing it away. We need to make sure that we have a clean environment to install a fence in. We'll clean up any weeds or other plants that are in the area and get rid of debris. We want to make sure that we can properly build your new fence.

We'll Set Your Fence Posts

After the area is fully clear, we can start placing some of the fence posts. We'll make sure that the posts are cleanly paced. Every post will be set and secured in the appropriate spot. This process should move fairly quickly; it usually doesn't take much time to get all of your fence posts in place.

We'll Build The Framework

From here, we'll be able to build the framework for your fence. The framework is essentially the bones of your fence. We'll be very careful when building the framework and will make sure that your fence is as sturdy as in needs to be. We want to make sure your fence is stable and secure!

We'll Add The Boards To The Framework

When the framework is completely built, we'll start adding the bones to the framework. This is one of the last steps that have to be completed when in order to build a fence. After all of the boards are in place, your fence will be finished! From there, we'll inspect the fence to make sure there aren't any issues that have to be corrected.

We'll Clean Everything Up

Even after your fence has been installed, our job won't be completely done. Once your fence has been built, we'll get to work cleaning up all of the mess that has left behind. We'll clear away debris and any materials that we didn't use. Once we're done cleaning, you'll find that your yard looks even cleaner than it did before we got to work.

The process of building a fence isn't all that complicated. Once we get started, we should be able to finish your fence fairly quickly. Talk to us about building a fence for you. We'll talk you through your options and our prices. If you do decide that you want to work with us, we'll schedule a time to start building a fence for you.

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