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Brentwood homeowners agree that having a new fence or gate installed can increase the value of your property. The median price of a single family home in Brentwood is $2,615,800 according to Zillow as of April 2019.

Brentwood has more than 31,000 residents including celebrities such as Lebron James, Tom Brady and Dr. Dre. It is also home to the famous Getty Center. Brentwood is a star city on the map of Los Angeles and many are considered lucky to life in it.

Building fences for clients in Brentwood is always a pleasure. Visit our service pages to see our work and get design ideas for your next fence and gates project.
Best Brentwood Fence Company
The reason people call us the best fence company in Brentwood is because we pay close attention to detail on every project. We are respectful of every clients property and show up when we say were going to show up. We understand that the construction industry is notorious for poor customer service but we stand heads and shoulders above our competition in every category. 

Our crews are professional, courteous and detail oriented so you don’t have to worry about managing your project. Each crew has a project manager with over 15 years of experience and each crew member has at least 5 years of fence building experience. Everyone on the job site knows exactly what is to be done and how to execute it properly.
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Wood Fence Installation In Brentwood
Los Angeles Fence Builders has many different styles of wood fence installations. We specialize in both vertical and horizontal fencing and do staining as well. A part of building a fence is making sure it looks the way you want it to at the completion of your project. We pride ourselves in creating what our clients envision for their front and backyard. 

Horizontal fencing has been extremely popular in West Los Angeles because of how well it looks with sleek, modern homes. Adding a horizontal fence makes these homes pop and gives the home a beautiful border. Along with adding aesthetics to your home, wood fencing adds privacy and security. Give us a call for you next wood fence project.
Property Line Fencing In Brentwood
Dividing a property line can be a tricky situation for obvious reasons. No one wants to build on their neighbors property and have to rebuild an expensive fence. Make sure before you have your fence installed that you speak with a surveying company to get your property properly surveyed, that way you are covering your basis before any ground is broken. With that out of the way, property lines are often divided by wood fencing. However, in the case a large properties or properties with large sloping hillsides, it’s common to have a chain link fence installed. Chain Link fences are affordable and come in black vinyl coating so they are not an eyesore. 

We also can build as high as 8ft for residential projects. Defining a property line can be helpful so both neighbors know exactly where it is and where not to cross. We also have the option to add coyote roller to the top of your chain link fence. Coyote rollers are humane, discrete rollers that go across the top of your fence and prevent coyotes from jumping over to harm your cats or dogs. These are very popular for homes in the hills where coyotes are common.
Professional On-Site Consultations in Los Angeles
We offer free onsite consultations in Los Angeles for all our potential clients so that they can get a taste of what our service and expertise is like. We show up on time to all our appointments as well as prepared to answer any question you might have about your project. Our project managers are experts in the the fencing industry and love to educate clients about the process and best practices. Even if you choose another contractor to work with we always love to share information about the fence building process. 

During the consultation we take all measurements for any fence line or gate installations. We go over design options as well as show example photos. We always make sure the client knows the plans to their project before any ground is broken. After the in-person fence project consultation we spend between 1-3 days creating a detailed, itemized estimate and send it via email. If there are any lingering questions after, we can be easy contacted by phone or email.
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