Chain Link Fence For LA AX

Los Angeles Fence Builders Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence.jpg
Los Angeles Fence Builders Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence.jpeg
Los Angeles Fence Builders Chain Link Fence.jpeg

Axe throwing has gained massive attention over the past few years. The concept is simple, like archery you get a lane and a target, however instead of a bow and arrow you get an axe. As you might have imagined we were super excited to help our friends over at LA AX put up black vinyl coated chain link for their modern lanes.

If you are interested in throwing some axes with your friends sippin’ on your favorite beer or wine LA AX is the place for you! For more information on them visit the LA AX website!

If you are looking to add fencing to your business, warehouse, facility, restaurant or business give us a call! (424) 625-8561. We do all kinds of commercial fence installation. So give us a call!

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Matthew Vidovich